The Strength and Power Curriculum

Strength and Power for Sports Performance

Lessons and First Principles from the Godfathers of Strength and Power Development



Optimise performance, not 1RM's

Your role is to help athletes execute sporting tasks, not to make them powerlifters or weightlifters. Develop an adaptation focused philosophy

Reduce the confusion and improve your problem solving

Understanding first principles helps you make decisions and cut through the noise. Learn what we have forgotten over the years as bodybuilding methodologies have infiltrated the sports performance system

Gain clarity and achieve your outcome no matter the circumstance

Know what is important and keep the outcome in mind despite chaotic and changing circumstances

What it's all about

What you get

Programme Structure and Content


Will the course be sports specific?
What if I can't attend the live sessions?
What is the time commitment each week?
What if I fall behind on content?
What level is the content pitched at?
I am a Sports Coach or a Physiotherapist, is this suitable for me?

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Package Options

🧱 Standard

📌 All core content and live workshops

📌 Access to future core updates

📌 Community access for 6-months


🌟 The Mentorship

All Standard benefits + access to:

🔥 1:1 mentoring sessions

🔥 Group mentor meet ups

🤝 Club Consultancy




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