Our Mission



#1: To provide the best education for sports performance professionals in the world


#2: To help industry-leading coaches have a greater impact on developing practitioners



Much of your success as a strength and conditioning coach depends on your ability to solve problems and work with other people.


Problem solving requires a deep understanding of principles, experience, and excellent thinking skills.

Working with other members of a team requires an ability to communicate, listen, consider other perspectives, and collaborate on a solution.


Despite this, courses are often passive, self-paced products which lack collaboration, discussion, questioning and context relevant application. These of course have a useful place in the education journey and benefit lots of people, but consuming content doesn’t mean you are able to utilise that information in your day to day coaching.

The problem is, there aren’t many opportunities to develop a deeper understanding, improve your problem-solving skills or develop your expertise while receiving feedback and support. You get some of these things from the university system, and some from other professional development events or products. But nothing has managed to optimally package things together for coaches who have already have the basics in place.


Where do you go if…

  1. You’ve got an MSc in a different topic (or even S&C) but want to upskill in something new and get some expert support.
  2. You’ve done an undergraduate degree, lots of coaching but don’t want to go back into the higher education system to progress your knowledge.
  3. You’ve done lots of professional development but just don’t seem to be able to piece things together to enhance your practice.

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of experienced coaches out there who can help you. But without those practitioners getting some support in building education curriculums, it’s difficult for them to optimise your learning process. There are also experienced coaches who want to help, but just haven’t found the right way to do it and have the desired impact.


There are great mentorships, but these often cover a wide range of topics from a bird’s eye view.

There are great pre-recorded courses, but these often lack application or an opportunity to challenge your understanding with feedback.

There are great in-person education events, but once you’ve listened or watched, you head home to receive no further support.

There are great online communities, but the content and discussion is often lacking structure and not curated to achieve really clear learning outcomes.

All of these types of education or professional development have value, but putting them together to make a more transformative learning process can provide a completely unmatched learning experience. To do this requires an understanding of education, broad skills and an innovative approach, which is exactly what we are striving to provide through collaboration at Strength Coach Curriculums.


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Our Values




Doing the right thing and acting ethically is at our core. No unethical sales tactics, no manipulation of the truth to confuse things. Anyone involved with SCC has some shared values of wanting to do better for developing practitioners and understands that collaboration and individualised advice is key. What we want is the best for you, that might mean uncomfortable truths or us recommending that our curriculums aren’t right for you right now.



There are people all over the globe with expertise that other people can benefit from, but they aren’t all providing education because of the barriers to producing value. We work with experienced coaches, academics, and coach educators to help ensure their collective expertise transfers to your development.

You already have access to an abundance of information, but access to opportunities to develop expertise are continually scarce.



The world of education is changing. The internet has allowed people from anywhere in the world to access information. But in coaching, information and self-paced learning aren’t enough as their benefits are also their drawbacks. But, providing something more comprehensive and effective is much harder and requires a new set of skills. We are combining creativity with an understanding of education to produce the future of coach development.



No one person has all the answers or is able to provide everything you need to develop. The only way to optimise your outcomes as a coach is to have access to a variety of people. There are different contexts, styles and perspectives and no-one should be entirely bias towards one of them that they discount the other. All practitioners have different skills, and the future is working together to prioritise diversity of thought, open discussion, and debate.



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