The Agility Lab Curriculum

THE Change of Direction and Agility Course for Sports Performance Practitioners 

Train for game transfer, not just for testing times

Make everyone elses weakness your strength

Enhance your career. Be able to coach COD, get skills to transfer to competition and work more effectively with sport coaches

Develop a system that works for you

Build your own progression system and receive expert, evidence based feedback on design and application

Broaden your understanding

Fill your understanding gaps in developing deceleration, perceptual skills, ACL injury reduction and constraints-based coaching

What it's all about

The course is a 10-week curriculum to help you understand and apply agility training in all sports


Ensuring your coaching transfers to performance is your top priority.

Despite this, when in your education as an S&C coach have you covered agility and change of direction development in any depth?

The chances are you probably haven’t…


Agility has been the missing piece in education and application for a long time. We have filled the linear speed gap, but the agility gap is as big as ever


Currently, you go through your strength development programme, add in some speed sessions and maybe the odd multi-directional drill. Then you watch the athletes perform and see everything happening with much greater complexity and uncertainty.

Is what you are doing having an optimal impact on competition?

Are you ignoring the other required movement and locomotion skills?

To maximise your chances of success, you need to ensure you have all the tools you’ll possibly need. Agility and change of direction development is one of those tools that few have, and fewer know how to effectively use.

Hence that you, and hundreds of other coaches walk out onto pitch and a filled with anxiety and confusion when it comes to multi-directional speed.

The issue is, agility is complex. Answers to questions often aren’t straight-forward.

It depends… and when it depends, you need discussion, debate and opportunities to problem solve. Without this, what you learn won’t transfer, no matter how many times you consume it.

That is why our curriculum is a semi-guided learning journey, allowing you to learn at your own pace and around your schedule, but with frequent support opportunities via both a commuity discussion platform and live events.


You HAVE to get more comfortable and effective at COD and agility if you want to enhance your career and your impact as a coach


This curriculum combines agility education which you won’t find anywhere else with our innovative course model to become a completely unique experience

This is a course AND a life-long online community


As S&C coaches and sports scientists we come from traditionally physiological backgrounds. We traditionally don’t learn about movement skill or the interaction of constraints during competition in much depth. We have lots of opportunities to learn a little about sprinting and speed training, but team and raquet sports are multi-directional.


Do you know how to?

  1. Analyse tasks in the sport to identify key constraints influencing perceptual and physical demands?
  2. How to profile athletes for multi-directional success?
  3. How you can integrate perceptual skills into your training to optimise in game performance?
  4. What the technical model for deceleration, cutting, stop and go’s, curve runs and defensive movements should be?
  5. What are the key factors influencing ACL injury risk and how these link to performance?
  6. How to progress pre-planned training towards tactically specific situations using constraints?


Learning this content any other way will cost more time AND money.

You’ll need:

  1. To source multiple resources (which barely exist)
  2. To make lots of coaching mistakes (which need guidance and reflection to improve)
  3. To find support and mentorship (from people you may not know)
  4. Or to pay thousands for modules as part of an MSc (where to be honest, you still won’t cover this content)


This curriculum will make your biggest learning hurdle as a coach, a much simpler step in your education journey. You also get longer term support and the opportunity to learn whilst being part of a community


Be more confident in coaching agility on pitch

Be more valuable to athletes and sport coaches

Be able to effectively plan representative training sessions with a physical emphasis

Be part of a community of coaches from various sports

What you get

  • In-depth content videos for you to digest in your own time through an App of a web browser
  • 2 live workshops to collaborate with peers, work through case studies, solve problems and plan training
  • Online platform feedback and support from course mentors
  • Tasks to help you design training for your own environment and check your understanding
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Over 10 guest sessions from coaches working in different environments including:
    • Dr Warren Young on assessing agility and using 1 v 1’s
    • Lee Taft on defensive COD actions
    • Harry Ramsay on perception and action coupling
    • Tony Villani on agility for the NFL
    • Leigh Eggar on Frans Bosch style training and dynamic systems
    • James Wild and acceleration profiling and constraints
    • Dr Neil Welch on the performance and injury trade off
    • Jason Avedesian on Semsori-motor components of ACL injury risk
    • Dan Howells on working and communicating with coaches
    • Pete Burridge on applying agility development in Rugby Union


Programme Structure and Content

All live sessions will be hosted on Zoom and all community discussion, recordings, worksheets and content will be hosted on the Circle community platform, accessable via an App or a web browser.



Will the course be sports specific?
The programme is suitable for anyone working in field of court sports. However, where possible we will create specific sport discussion spaces, working groups and networking opportunities to ensure that you can dive into the details with people who work in a similar context, but also benefit from the diversity of thoughts from coaches in other environments.
What if I can't attend the live sessions?
All sessions and content throughout the programme will be recorded. This means that if you can't make the live workshop, you don't miss anything. Of course, we believe that you will have the best experience if you can make the sessions live. But everyone will get different things from different content, and we encourage you to prioritise based upon your own skills gaps. If you can’t make the live workshops, you will still be able to network and communicate with your fellow students through the online community.
What is the time commitment each week?
You can commit as much or as little time to the course as you are able to, as each block will have a mix of pre-recorded videos, live sessions (with recordings), tasks, recommended reading, community discussions and guest presentations. You can prioritise these based upon your own circumstances.
What if I fall behind on content?
All content and community support will be available after all modules have been completed. If you enrol in the Premium package you can also access any future workshop free of charge. Also remember that all course content is available to watch through an App, so as long as you have an internet connection you can watch on the go!
What level is the content pitched at?
The content is pitched at MSc level and above where detail, depth and debate are prioritised. Whilst we will ensure that all students can keep up and support/fill gaps where needed, we recommend that all students have a foundational understanding of a range of areas of sport and exercise science and are currently coaching throughout the week.
I am a Sports Coach or a Physiotherapist, is this suitable for me?
If you work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to improve on pitch performance, and have outcomes which link to agility, there will be lots here for you. We cover injury risk, perceptual-cognitive expertise, and representative design. Plus, our mentors bring their own specific experiences and skills in application. If you would like to discuss more, feel free to reach out for a chat.

Why This Exists: A Message From Programme Director Rich Clarke

I remember being in the first couple of years of my coaching journey, only recently realising what S&C is or that a career path existed. I had been given the advice of the importance of getting experience, so I took the first step that I am sure you all have. I reached out to some local sports clubs to offer my services.

I had two opportunities presented to me, both were to go and provide some assistance pre/post training sessions. Unsurprisingly these were on pitch with no equipment. For most people, including me at that time, this is completely outside of your comfort zone. Do you just run sprints? Does that then just become conditioning? Will the athletes be engaged in something that dull? Is this specific?

A million questions, no-where to turn to for good information. Unsurprisingly, what I delivered was awful.

From that point, my interest in on-pitch, engaging, specific training began, and I’ve never looked back. The challenge has been that there isn’t much out there to learn from. Speed content from an athletics coach perspective, constraints-based drills from sports coaches, biomechanical injury research and a few books. But very little which allows a rapid growth in skills or filled that gap.

The big challenge is that just like in all of S&C, it depends. This means that to optimally learn you need discussion and to be challenged with your thinking.

This has eventually over the space of 12 years led to the birth of this programme. I wanted to provide content that everyone involved in multi-directional sports needs but can’t easily access, in a format completely unique to sports performance.

Come and join the curriculum, and I promise you won’t regret it. Drop me a message if you have any questions.



Package Options

🧱 Standard

📌 All core content and live workshops

📌 Access to future core updates

📌 Community access for 6-months


🌟 The Mentorship

All Standard benefits + access to:

🔥 1:1 mentoring sessions

🔥 Group mentor meet ups

🤝 Club Consultancy




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